Words Have Power: Be Aware of What You Say to Yourself and Others

Words have power

Words hold immense power, shaping our perceptions, influencing our relationships, and ultimately defining our reality. Whether spoken or written, the language we use when communicating with ourselves and others carries profound implications for our well-being and the world around us. Language stands as a fundamental thread weaving together our thoughts, emotions and actions.   Language […]

The Power of Loving Every Day – Not Just on Valentine’s Day!

heart sign on hands

Valentine’s Day is a sweet tradition that reminds us to stop and think of our romantic partner and show that we care. But it is also surrounded by a huge amount of commercial hype that encourages us to spend x10 $ on the normal cost of roses, dinners, drinks etc… This really irritates me!   […]

Empowering Vs Enabling

a life coach talking in front of people

I told a client recently that my role was to empower her to achieve her goals and she laughed saying she wished I would enable her instead. I was a bit puzzled because to be honest, I wasn’t sure of the difference between empowering and enabling. So I did a bit of reading and this […]

How to Manage Your Emotions

How to Manage Your Emotions

Emotions can be a major obstacle in a person’s professional and personal life. Time and again people have asked me to help them manage their emotions more effectively, so that they can achieve their goals, improve relationships, and create inner calm. Most of us struggle to understand our emotions, yet we know they are important […]

6 Habits that Lead People to Success

6 Habits that Lead People to Success

Every day I help people who are looking for inner peace and happiness; or to achieve a particular goal; or to change a behaviour that is not serving them. They are open to learning, growing and succeeding. If you are looking to change your life, achieve goals or break bad habits in 2024, then this […]

True Joy at Christmas: A Life Coach’s Guide to Festive Happiness

a simple Christmas celebration

As the holiday season approaches, many of us find ourselves caught up in the hustle and commercialism of Christmas.  Women tell me they are worried about money, stressed about all the shopping and food prep they end up doing alone, exhausted at work and not really looking forward to this wonderful time of the year. […]

No One Worries Their Way To Success!

a picture of a girl beside a window, worried

The statement “no one worries their way to success” makes total sense. Most of us know when we are worried, stressed, or anxious, the brain shuts down, we lose confidence and struggle to focus, yet we choose to worry anyway.  We allow the unconscious mind to rule our life with negative thoughts. You may say, […]

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Brain Through Exercise

women doing exercise

Lately, I have been reading a lot about healthy ageing. As I get older, I want to be fit mentally and physically with a good dose of spiritual growth too. So I’ve been researching ways to supercharge the brain.   I started surf ski paddling a couple of years ago. I cannot tell you how […]



World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10th October each year and presents an opportunity for us all to create awareness. This year the World Health Organisation asks us to unite and promote the theme “Mental health is a universal human right.” Everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of mental wellness.   […]

Mental Wellness


October is Mental Health Month in Australia, so I want to focus on mental wellness in this blog. Our health is determined by many factors, particularly our physical and mental states. The term ‘mental health’ refers to a state of wellbeing in the mind, and someone’s ability to cope with stress and function positively in […]