What others say about Life & Business Coach Anne McKeown.

Anne is an amazing life coach. She is kind, wise, intuitive and she genuinely cares about her clients and their business growth. You can achieve anything with Anne on your team!

Tracy Secombe

Tracy Secombe

Anne really is a brilliant coach, she knows how to encourage you in such a kind way and keep you on track with your life and business goals. After only a few sessions with this gorgeous lady, I’m thrilled with the progress I have made.

Jane Kaya, Designer

Jane Kaya

Anne, your heart and passion for helping women succeed in business and life are second to none.


Cath Doocey

Hi Anne, I wanted to write and tell you how my sessions with you came to full fruition yesterday… I was nervous but thought what has Anne taught me to do? I used those techniques! Thank you, I felt empowered and back in control.


Mandy Acton

A huge thanks to Anne McKeown for her advice in a tricky business situation that was causing me high levels of anxiety…

Jenny Arshed

Jenny Arshed

Miss Versatility International VA

I had a sales win yesterday, thanks to you Anne.  I got clarity around my struggle with taking client enquiries. That afternoon I got an enquiry from a hairdresser and the next morning I woke up to a payment in my account. She purchased  my Find Your Dream Career package. 


Fiona Craig

Life Balance Coach

Anne has been a true inspiration to me. Her kindness and willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom whilst carefully listening are qualities that I’ve learned from.
Anne knows how to create relationships based on mutual trust and respect.  Thank you, Anne, for everything you have done for me, I am eternally grateful.
Veronique Morel

Veronique Morel

Chartered FCSI

If you are looking for transformational change in either your professional or personal life (or both), you cannot go past working with Anne McKeown. I have recently completed a One on One 6 week course with Anne; I’m loving every part of life and kicking goals in my business. In fact I found working with Anne so inspirational, we have just had Anne run a full day workshop with our  Commercial team at work. The immediate changes has been remarkable; we have an energised team that are firing on all cylinders and creating immediate result. Thank you again  Anne. We will definitely continue working with you.

Nikki Hills

Nikki Hills

Director, WOM Network

Since starting the “Reignite Your Spark” program with Anne a few weeks ago, I have seen a shift in my mindset and a better version of me evolve. I feel re-energised, positive, inspired and hopeful. I now see possibilities and have a positive outlook on both professional and personal life. Anne is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and supportive. Her passion and commitment to empower women is inspirational. I would highly recommend Anne’s coaching to all women looking to transform themselves and achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Sharit Dass

Sharit Dass


Wonderful to be part of a group of like-minded women, sharing ideas and stories to make a difference personally and professionally. Anne is a knowledgeable and engaging  presenter who freely shares her wisdom, as well as a passionate coach committed to empowering women. I learned so much that I could implement into my life and business straight away. Thank you Anne for providing this valuable opportunity for women to get together for support, ongoing learning and improvement. You are a true leader of our time.

Deborah Fairfull

Deborah Fairfull

Anne, you were amazing, right on point and your message resonated with so many.

Ashlee Tenberge

Ashlee Tenberge

I engaged Anne to help me find my way, after only a couple of sessions I had a huge mindset shift and as a result got a great new job!


Marianne Forbes

Anne is very inspirational and real!


Lyn Saville

Along with your continued interest in me & my business, I want you to know Anne, that I’m feeling more positively engaged knowing that I have someone who understands me and is walking alongside me on the journey of life.

Many Wright

Mandy Wright

Linchpin Consulting NSW

Anne is pasionate in supporting women to pursue their passions, in a straight-forward, supportive and empowering way. I highly recommend Anne’s coaching to help get clarity and motivation to move forward in life and business.


Margaret Scott

When you’re working with Anne, you know you’re in a safe and supportive space, completely free of judgment – making it so much easier to open up and grow. She lives by her brand of “Empowering Women for Business & Life”, and she truly wants to see you fly. Thank you, Anne. I’m so grateful.

Shanley King

Shanley King

Style Worthy, Australia

Anne coached our sales team in the midst of COVID when we were a million miles from reaching our quarterly target! We all felt deflated and de-motivated.  Anne’s coaching gave us the confidence to smash our goal in only 3 weeks and we walked away with a new air of confidence, positivity and a team bond that felt authentic and solid, a shared respect and a genuine care for one another.  Anne focuses on the finer details, combined with the bigger picture to get results. She not only works with you to achieve your business goals, she also encourages you to focus on all aspects of your life, so you feel fulfilled and energised.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 6.35.56 pm

Natalie Stanley

Sydney, Australia

I sought Anne’s Reignite Your Spark Program at a crossroads in my life. We worked on my confidence and getting clarity around some personal and professional goals. I didn’t expect too much would change in 6 weeks, but the transformation in such a short time was incredible!  When you shift something fundamental in your mindset, the impact that has on the way you see your life and the choices you have, is incredibly powerful. It was something I had to experience to believe. Every woman could benefit from this course. Anne’s support and guidance still ring in my ears most days!

Lucy Kippist

Lucy Kippist

Flying Solo, Australia

Anne is so approachable & positive, she has so much knowledge and her goal is to see you happy and successful. I cannot recommend her enough.  She has taught me so many amazing business and life skills already. I’m excited for what’s to come.


Zoe Wieringa

Anne, your special gift, to show a woman how to manage her life and business plus control her beliefs and simply be herself, is so valuable. Thank you.

Carol Parr

Carol Parr

Anne is so easy to work with, she hears what you say, knows what you
need and beautifully supports you through change. I highly recommend her to help you feel empowered and focused in your life and business.


Lisa Cohen

Anne, you are top of the list for people who inspire me in my life.


Fiona Kyle

Anne’s Program has literally reignited my spark and passion for my life and business. It’s good to have someone to be accountable to and to receive advice and guidance on how to move forward. I highly recommend Anne’s coaching services.

Shauna Casey, Hair Contrast, Australia

Shauna Casey

Hair Contrast, Australia

Anne, I just want to take a moment and thank you for your coaching and support. Not only do I feel empowered, but I am also inspired to push harder and do an even better job at work.
Thank you for reigniting the spark!
You have made a real difference in my life.

Natalie Southcombe

State Manager - QLD - Supagas

Anne was easy to talk to, she listened, offered appropriate advice and helped me become a better version of myself.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 2.32.26 pm

Evie Sumpter

In my very first session with Anne, we worked on my self limiting beliefs. We also put together goals and actions. I was at 53% of my work target, full of doubt and within a period of 3 weeks I achieved 107%! It proved to me this is so much greater than positive thinking and well wishing. It was an energy shift. It was my mindset. This change will be with me for life and not just in business but in my ability to achieve in all areas of my life. I am grateful I have been able to work with Anne! Thank You

Susan Swagger

Susan Schwager

... because you deserve a life coach!