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Female Leadership Coaching is for women who want to:

– Get the next promotion
​​- Unlock their full potential
– Achieve work/life balance
– Enjoy significance in life and work
– Get on with people they don’t like
– Have confidential talks and guidance
– Feel secure about work and future prospects
– Step into their sphere of excellence
– Have a richer and more fulfilling life
– Grow professionally and personally

Benefits of women's leadership coaching

Working with a female leadership coach will help you build increased self-awareness, manage internal politics and work through challenging relationships.

You will improve your leadership skills, overcome limiting beliefs and self doubt, learn how to deal with imposter syndrome, shift out of your comfort zone and into a space where you can think strategically, see the bigger picture and move forward with ease.

Ready to Unlock Your Full Potential?

My job as your coach is to walk alongside you. I am here to guide and encourage you, every single step of the way.

I will not only challenge you and suggest what to do differently, but more importantly I will show you HOW to do it!

During our 1:1 Coaching Sessions we will work through my six-module “process for success” where we set the foundation for unlocking your potential and stepping into your power, so you can become the professional woman you were born to be.

Anne McKeown, Leadership Coach

Hi, I'm Anne

I empower women to turbo-charge the results in their life and work, so they can enjoy more happiness and success. Many want this, but most don’t know how to achieve it.

I incorporate NLP techniques when coaching or facilitating individuals and teams because I know it’s not enough to tell people what to do – it’s essential to show them HOW to do it.

I am a wife and mother to two daughters, Maris & Megan (the 2Ms in 2Mpower), for whom I strive to be a good role model.

I empower women to step up, speak up and show up personally and professionally through my “Reignite Your Spark Program.”

Early in my career as a coach for sales teams, I saw time and again the same people succeed no matter what product or service they were asked to promote.

Why? Because they understood the two most important factors needed to achieve anything you want: 1. The right mindset, and 2. A proven process to follow. I incorporate both these factors in my work as a leadership coach for women.

Moreover, I have created a six-module “process for success” based on my expertise and twenty-five-plus years of experience in the UK and Australia.

I work with professional women of all ages who want to increase their confidence, develop clear communication skills and adopt growing leadership roles. To date, I have coached business owners, company managers, podcast hosts, lawyers, accountants, government and corporate employees. I walk alongside those ready to step into their power and make their professional and personal dreams a reality. As a coach, I believe every woman has an unique strength to offer the world, and I see it as my job to help them find it, use it, and soar on its wings.

Client love

"If you are looking for transformational change in either your professional or personal life (or both), you cannot go past working with Anne McKeown. I have recently completed a One on One 6 week course with Anne; I’m loving every part of life and kicking goals in my business. In fact I found working with Anne so inspirational, we have just had Anne run a full day workshop with our Commercial team at work. The immediate changes has been remarkable; we have an energised team that are firing on all cylinders and creating immediate result. Thank you again Anne. We will definitely continue working with you."
Nikki Hills
Nikki Hills
"Anne is one of those genuinely nice people you meet in life. Through Anne's Reignite Your Spark program I have been empowered to move forward and take action in achieving my goals. I am responsible for myself and working with Anne has certainly helped me move in the right direction. Thanks Anne - I would highly recommend you to anyone, as i've already done with some of the corporate clients/ companies I work with. (I know they are extremely happy too!)"
Kelly Charity
Kelly Charity

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