To Change Your Life, Change Your Mind!

To Change Your Life, Change Your Mind!

Everything we do in life begins with a thought.  So, if you want to change anything in your life, you must first learn how to change your thinking, which means changing your mind!  Once you know how to change your mind, you can learn how to change your state – physical and emotional – which in turn will change the outcomes you experience in life.


When you consciously engage the subconscious mind through deliberate, intentional, strategic, and proactive deep thinking, you draw your thoughts, with their embedded memories, through the subconscious mind and into the conscious mind. When these thoughts arrive in the conscious mind, they’re in a flexible state, which means you can change them and reconceptualise them and thus change the way they impact your life.


You can learn more in Norman Doidge’s book The Brain That Changes Itself


Neuroscience has taught us that the brain is malleable and we can use the mind to change the brain. This is incredibly hopeful! It means that although we can’t change what has happened to us in the past, we can change how these events from the past affect our future.


Many of us struggle with anxiety, negative thoughts, depression and fear, which can often lead to mental health problems. Learning how to manage the mind can create the positive change we desire.  Mind management is about awareness. Recognising our thoughts, emotions and actions. A negative thought, often leads to negative emotion/feelings, which in turn can cause us to behave in a negative way. Our state of mind affects how we function and most of the time it is unconscious, we go through life on automatic pilot, repeating old patterns, we react without really thinking and then wonder why nothing changes.


Once we know how to change our mind, we can rewire neural networks in the brain that create good habits that make us happier and healthier. We get to a good life with our mind. All we say and do is always preceded by a thought. The process is so logical that we hardly “think” about it, but it’s worth taking the time to do so. It’s so obvious that we miss it because we are often looking for some elusive, complex key. Our mind is staring us in the face, and mind-management is therefore a critical skill we need to learn. With directed mind input, we can learn how to shift and direct neuroplastic changes in our brain!


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