Positive Thinking

Does Positive Thinking Work?

As a professional coach, I help women understand their emotions so they can make sense of how they feel and how to quickly improve their mental and emotional state. One way of doing this is through the power of positive thinking. 


Now I hear the skeptics ask, “does positive thinking work?”


Many studies have been done on this topic. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson a top researcher, defines positivity and how it can transform people’s lives, in her 2009 book Positivity

Fredrickson’s research shows an approximate 3 to 1 ratio of positivity as being ideal in terms of high functioning teams, relationships, and marriages.  She explains how experiencing positive emotions to negative emotions in this approximate ratio leads people to achieve optimal levels of well-being and resilience.

This scientific discovery was groundbreaking in beginning the discussions on how a positive state of mind can enhance relationships, improve health, relieve depression, and broaden the mind. 

However, she also noted that positive thinking does not come easily to most human beings.  We need to learn the skill of self-awareness around our thought patterns and how to change those embedded negative patterns to more positive flows of thinking.


Positive Thinking

The way we think can dramatically affect the way we live our lives. And research into different mindsets has shown the way we think about ourselves and the world around us can have an impact on the success we have through life.  This has been shown to impact our resilience, how we manage stress, and even the way our immune system functions.

We already know that positive thinking and building a mindset of abundance can be a beneficial approach for most people, but how do we know if positive thinking comes naturally to us or not. To help you identify if you have an abundance mindset (or scarcity mindset), ask yourself the following questions. 


Growth Mindset Vs. Closed Mindset

Questions to discover your mode of thinking

If you see somebody being successful or winning, does that automatically mean that you lose, or do you consider that everybody (in some way) could be a winner?

Do you focus on opportunities and potential for growth, or do you allow limitations and security to hold you back?

Do you embrace challenges, or do you fear change?

Do you think black & white; right & wrong? Or is there room for shades of grey?

Do you promote others and freely share your knowledge? Or promote yourself and keep your knowledge to yourself for future wins?

Are you usually thankful and confident or fearful and lack confidence?


If you would like help to think, feel and act in a more positive way, book a time to chat with me and I will show you how 🙂


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