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Happy People Create Healthy Happy Communities

Happy people can maintain happiness because they maintain an optimistic view of life. But, an epidemic of depression is blighting the lives of people more than ever before. 

Lonely business owners, struggling middle-managers and clinically depressed teenagers are no longer a rarity. 

As a nation, we are dissatisfied.  

We have increased our spending power and broadened our range of choice, hoping it would add happiness to our lives.  

But money on its own cannot create a sense of well being in individuals or societies. Money and material possessions are not as relevant to happiness as we think.

Do you want to see your children grow up to be well-adjusted adults and good citizens of the community? A surprisingly inexpensive, effective way of doing this is to spread a little happiness. 

Happiness and Health:

A Harvard study found that those who were optimistic have a longer life than those who were pessimistic.

Content people were at less risk of heart disease, diabetes and respiratory infections.

Laura Kubzansky of Harvard University tracked the health of 1300 men for a decade. She discovered that those who believed themselves to be optimistic had less heart disease than those who didn’t.

NOTE: they didn’t have to be optimistic; they only had to believe that they were!

There is plenty of evidence pointing to the value gained in our health when we adopt a positive disposition. 


Happiness and Work:


These days only one-third of people are happily engaged with their work, while a whopping 66% said they are not happy or engaged in their work. Society highlighted the importance of relationships over pay and benefits. People want a supportive boss and stress-free environment. Having a sense of belonging led to workers being more productive.

A positive frame of mind helps us to be more creative, generous and constructive. 

It allows us to seek what is right and good in all situations, not focus on what is wrong. When feeling positive, we see opportunities and potential instead of problems. Happy people are more persistent when it comes to solving problems. They give in less and are usually very generous. 

More often they have empathy for others.

Happiness and Children

Happy children outperform unhappy children on almost every measure. They are more persistent, independent and enthusiastic than their peers. Positive kids find it easier to build and hold onto friendships.

So What Can We Do?  

Every day, people who write down all the things for which they are grateful, are not only happier than others they are healthier too. Would you like to have all of that? Then you know what to do…

Don’t waste another minute; get in touch with me today.



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