NO-vember: The Power of Saying No!


Do you find it difficult to say no? Are you always saying yes to others at the expense of what you want? This is a common trait for many women. Would you like to experience the power of saying no without feeling guilty? I have a little challenge for you. During the month of November, […]

8 Beneficial Ways to Deal with Criticism

I have something tough to say, and you probably won’t like it…   Did you just cringe reading that?   If so, you may have a tough time accepting criticism. Don’t worry though; most people have some sort of issue with criticism. No one wants to be told they are wrong or doing something poorly. […]

What Successful Women Don’t Do!

Successful women

Many courageous and successful women have been highlighted as a part of celebrating International Women’s Day, Friday, 8th March.  So, I thought it apt to write about remarkable women and look at what makes them stand out. I will highlight some amazing women I know, who are achieving greatness in their world. As a coach, […]