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Trust Is The One Thing That Affects Everything

There is one thing that affects every individual, family, team, and nation.

The one thing that when missing can destroy friendships, romantic relationships, leaderships and governments.

The one thing that determines whether or not you realise your personal and professional dreams.

The one thing that has the power to create success and prosperity in every area of your life.


That one thing is trust.

Trust in yourself and trust in others.

Trust is confidence.


Think of someone you trust implicitly, a sibling, friend, or colleague. See how easily you communicate and how quickly you get things done.

Now imagine someone you distrust and compare your feelings. Thinking of this person may bring up negative emotions, thoughts and even behaviour.

In a low trust relationship, we choose our words carefully for fear of being misunderstood, we remain closed and distant for fear of being hurt.


Many reports show that trust is on the decline in marriages, corporations and governments.

We just have to think of politicians, or look at the number of jokes about dodgy car salesmen to know this is true.

Once you lose someone’s trust it is very difficult to get it back. Especially in business. That’s why building trust with my clients is so important to me.

I know that trust must be earned and never taken for granted.  People need to know they can rely on me and that I have their best interests at heart.

Trust makes relationships reliable and predictable.

Trust creates community.


The one thing that upset me more than anything is when I see women give up, or self-sabotage because they don’t trust themselves.

They lack confidence in themselves. They fear that the process will work for others but not for them, so they hold themselves back.

This is such false self-talk.

Imagine if you believed in yourself as much as you believe in others. Imagine if you invested in yourself as much as you invest in your family, imagine if you valued yourself as much as you value your friendships.

To make your dreams come true you need to trust yourself.

It’s the one thing that positively affects everything else.

If you would like help to develop more belief, trust and confidence in yourself book in a free chat with me by clicking on this link.




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