Women Empowering Women

Women empowering women, happens so naturally.

It never ceases to amaze me, that as soon as you get a group of empowering women in a room together and invite them to connect, honest conversations highlighting joys and sorrows can be heard within minutes. Struggles are shared, and support is freely offered by those listening. Vulnerabilities, doubts and fears are aired with humility.  Collaborations are created and the nurture we have for our children is suddenly there for everyone. Women as so good at empowering other women.

This is what I witnessed at the beginning of my International Women’s Day event on Friday, which was made possible by Women NSW who aim to improve the lives of all women in NSW by achieving justice and equality through policy, innovation and collaboration. They work with other agencies, community organisations and inter-governmental networks to ensure a fairer, safer and more equitable outcome for all women. And thankfully 2Mpower.co is one of their community organisations alongside Seven Mile Venture Lab in Seaforth, which blends framework with network for start-ups.

In a room full of capable women, many were doubting their abilities and questioning their confidence. I recognised this because I used to be like that too.  In the past, thinking I had nothing to offer the world, as a middle-aged, stay at home mum.  Believing the skills I had from my corporate days were outdated.  Not naturally competitive, with no clear purpose or plan, I felt lost and fearful of the future.

So during this day of training I knew it was important to focus on the following topics :

Seeing the real you and the value you have to offer

Making a promise to put yourself first, so you can then help others

Creating an empowering morning ritual

Recognising where your life is out of balance and why

The power your thoughts, words and actions have on your outcomes

Self-sabotaging behaviours

Dealing with fear and doubt

Finding purpose and meaning in your life and work

Ten simple steps to success in all areas of life

The importance of focus, determination and routine

How to set achievable goals and so much more…


The hashtag for IWD2021 is #ChooseToChallenge I would like to add one more word to that – yourself!

Because if you don’t challenge yourself and take control of your own life, no one else will do it for you.

And without a plan for your own life, others will create one for you. They will happily waste your time and use your skills for free.

This is why we need women empowering women. Helping each other see our blind spots and encouraging one another to move forward.


That was my biggest lesson when I hit 50 and decided that things had to change.  I had to stop moaning, blaming others and seeing the negatives.  It was up to me to make my life happier and more meaningful. I needed to find a way to give back using talents that would never be out of date: empathy, inspiration, listening, encouraging others.  What I didn’t realise then, was that these so called ‘soft skills’ are now highly sought after in organisations.

Most of the women in my community don’t ask for much. They just want someone to believe in them; to guide them as they try new ventures; to encourage them and walk alongside them as they stumble through life.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Unfortunately, many women are too quick to state their faults, apologise and put everyone else first.  We were rewarded for this behaviour when we were young.  But this is no longer acceptable. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you? The world needs you to step up, speak up and show up with confidence. To take your rightful place in society as a woman of wisdom, and positive role models for the next generation. A woman empowering women.

If you know of a woman who could benefit from being coached, challenged and part of my community then please invite her to get in touch.  Book a free 30 mins call here.

You are not alone we are here to support each other and all rise together.

Anne xo

PS : let me know if you would like to be kept informed of future programs/ trainings





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