What if 2021 was your best year ever?

What if you learned how to create the future you desire?

What if you decided to let go of past hurts and disappointment?

What if you had someone guiding you on this new, exciting journey?


Many years ago I was in a group coaching session where one woman said she knew she had a lot to offer the world, but had no idea how. She craved purpose, routine and a sense of fulfilment. She was sad, disappointed and frustrated with life.  She believed there was nothing she could do to change her situation. She moaned and brought down the mood for everyone in the room. She was displaying victim behaviour and unconsciously wanted sympathy from everyone else.

How do I know? Because that woman was me!

For a long time, I felt lost. I rallied against letting go of negative emotions. I felt justified in holding on to old hurts and blamed others for my current situation. But this way of thinking and behaving kept me stuck in the past. I wasn’t able to move forward and enjoy my life.


I hired a Coach who helped me see that we can’t change our past. Our experiences and memories are part of who we are.  But we can change the meaning we attach to these old experiences and choose to let go of the emotional load so in essence, change the meaning of our life and create a new positive future. This may sound like a tall order, but it was actually quite simple.

With the help of a qualified coach who understands how the mind works, and incorporates techniques like Time Line Therapy. Thanks to the encouragement and guidance of my coach I went on to learn this technique and many others. I took control of my life. I created a plan, set up new rituals in my daily life and even started my own business.

I have never looked back. I now have my purpose, doing something I love every day and I’d like that for you too!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they reach a fork in the road. An opportunity to make a choice. The question is – what will you choose?

If you choose the process of changing your mindset and being open to questioning your current belief system, then your whole world will change for the better. If you choose to put yourself first and are willing to adapt and fight for what you want then your life will change for the better.  It’s a wonderful feeling of true freedom if you get there. And I can help you.

Everyone has the right to a happy, fulfilled life. Stop giving away your power. Make 2021 the year you step up, speak up and show up with confidence. Make 2021 the year you create what you desire. Make 2021 YOUR YEAR!

If you’d like to find out more about Time Line Therapy and how my coaching works, click here and book a FREE call, absolutely no obligation.

Let’s make 2021 Your Happy New Year!






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