Successful women

What Successful Women Don’t Do!

Many courageous and successful women have been highlighted as a part of celebrating International Women’s Day, Friday, 8th March. 

So, I thought it apt to write about remarkable women and look at what makes them stand out. I will highlight some amazing women I know, who are achieving greatness in their world.

As a coach, I have studied these women. I learned what makes them tick, what makes them happy, content, healthy, prosperous and fulfilled. 

  • Bronwyn doesn’t wear a mask. She strives to be real, raw and honest with herself and others.
  • Maureen doesn’t focus on material possessions. She defines her happiness and success through the quality of her inner/spiritual life.
  • Alison doesn’t seek comfort. She is always keen to learn and grow. She is also willing to step out and speak up.
  • Karen doesn’t compare herself to others. She lives true to her values and follows her path.
  • Lindsey doesn’t let herself off the hook. She sticks to her routine and is continuously creating new and better habits.
  • Janet doesn’t give up, even when the going gets tough.
  • Laura doesn’t seek perfection, just progress.
  • Natalie doesn’t live in the future. She challenges herself to adopt mindfulness and live in the present.
  • Annabelle doesn’t say yes to everything and everyone. She understands the necessity of self-interest and its difference from being selfish.
  • Diane doesn’t take on other people’s BS and negative opinions. She respects that everyone is entitled to their view and knows that she doesn’t have to take it onboard.
  • Hilda doesn’t hide her voice. She feels healthy and free to speak out when something doesn’t sit comfortably with her.
  • Pamela doesn’t behave according to her feelings. She realises that an impulsive action can be self-sabotaging and hurt others.
  • Yvonne doesn’t get in her own way. She doesn’t second guess herself, and she does what needs to be done.
  • Shona doesn’t try to do it all alone. She seeks the help of a coach.
  • Robyn doesn’t multi-task. She knows to focus on one task at a time and do it well until completion.
  • Wendy doesn’t blame others. She accepts responsibility for her own life and situation.
  • Margaret doesn’t play the victim. She has learned how to communicate effectively with others.
  • Kate doesn’t indulge resentment. She knows not to expect more than people are capable of giving.
  • Linda doesn’t do guilt. She understands that this would keep her stuck in the past.


Here are a few recommendations for you

  • Validate yourself every day.
  • Contribute to your local community.
  • Adopt self-compassion and self-discipline.
  • Avoid self-numbing with alcohol, TV, shopping, etc.…
  • Be patient, persistent and pursue your true north.
  • You have a choice, and you have a voice, use them both wisely. 


Let us all be inspired by these successful women. If you know of any other women who needs support, share the link to this site.

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  1. I love this post. Really interesting format. I love bullet points and just hearing the facts – not having to read a whole lot of words to find the message within. Really enjoyed this, refreshing and informative.

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