The real reason your business is not successful…

People say to me, “I don’t understand why my business is not successful.” Or “I’ve spent a fortune on marketing but no one is buying and I don’t understand why!” It’s nothing to do with your marketing, sales, funnels, tech, templates or ads.


It’s to do with YOU, your confidence, your belief in yourself (or lack of), in other words your mindset.


How do I know this?


Because everything turned around for me and my business when I worked on my fear and self-doubt. When I stopped worrying about others’ opinions.  My business became more fruitful when I decided to invest in myself – sounds crazy but it’s true – personal growth leads to business growth. Personal success equals business success. And the power is all in your mind.


Learning how to quickly shift your negative state of mind is the real secret to success in life and business.


I’m all about empowering women and I constantly ask myself, “how can I help others be more successful in life and business?” “How can I be a positive role model for my daughters and women of all ages?”  “If I’m not challenging myself, how can I have the audacity to challenge others?” Dedicating myself to what I love, fires me up and brings me clients. When you feel driven and joyful about your mission and you know why you are doing what you were born to do, nothing will stop you.


Here are my tips to help you and your business grow:


Stop hiding. We all do it, especially when we feel tired, overwhelmed or a bit lost. It’s fine to rest and recharge your batteries but you must stay front of mind for your potential clients and they need to know that you are always there for them. Face up to the things you have to do and choose to get back on track ASAP.


Start networking. It’s wonderful that in-person events are back on the calendar. If you are a sole operator, meeting other business owners can be so therapeutic and fun. It’s an opportunity to ask for referral partners, practice your elevator pitch and form collaborations. If you struggle to talk about your business, introduce yourself confidently or walk into a crowded room, let me help you.


Learn mindset techniques to get out of your own head and elevate your state to a more positive one. I teach many modalities to help women shift their state of mind quickly, so they can confidently act – not emotionally react and move on.


Fear is excitement in disguise. Don’t let fear hold you back. Fear encourages running away and produces anxiety. Instead see fear as your friend, encouraging you to be alert and excited. Otherwise, you may end up living life not trying new things because you are ruled by fear. We enjoy things when we get good at them, but we all have to go through the pain of learning to become competent. So enjoy the journey, commit to personal development and watch your business soar.


Play to your strengths. Focus on your strengths and what you’re truly passionate about. Using your natural gifts is easier and more fun.  When things are easy and fun, we feel confident. Confidence leads to belief in yourself and your business. If you don’t believe in yourself, others won’t either.


Recognise will power and won’t power.  Won’t power is when we say no, stick our heels in and refuse to have an open mind or try something new. Won’t power is a strong voice in your head, turn its volume down. Focus on keeping your will power alive and kicking by having a great routine.


Discipline brings so many rewards. It’s a word most people don’t like, discipline can make us think of teachers or parents who made us do things we didn’t want to do. But if you can befriend discipline, it will teach you a lot. We think we are being good to ourselves if we let ourselves off the hook – binge watch TV, drink too much and rest on the sofa but unfortunately the mind, like any other muscle goes weak when not used.  The less we do the less we want to do.


Life is like the gears on a bike. If you constantly peddle on an easy gear, then you have nowhere to go to get help when struggling uphill. But if you start by pushing yourself at a higher gear 5, you can go down to gear 4, still moving forward and then 3 to take it easy for a bit and when you hit a smooth patch and it feels easy you can switch back up to gear 5.  It’s not beneficial to be on gear 1, peddling fast through life but getting exhausted and rarely challenged.


Get yourself a coach. Have you ever heard of a successful athlete who did everything on her own? No! So why should you? A coach who has been there and done it will hold up a mirror and help you reflect, see your blind spots and prevent you from staying stuck. A good coach will help you draw up a plan to create what you want and support you until you achieve it.



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