No One Worries Their Way To Success!

a picture of a girl beside a window, worried

The statement “no one worries their way to success” makes total sense. Most of us know when we are worried, stressed, or anxious, the brain shuts down, we lose confidence and struggle to focus, yet we choose to worry anyway.  We allow the unconscious mind to rule our life with negative thoughts. You may say, […]

12 Benefits of Craft

A picture of a girl painting

I went to the Sydney Craft Fair with my daughter last Friday and we had such a fun day.  We booked into a jewelry-making class, it was so simple and best of all – extremely therapeutic! I share this with you as a reminder to take time out and do something creative on your own […]

Break the Bias IWD

Break the Bias IWD

The theme for International Women’s Day (8th March) this year is Break the Bias. I had a look at the official IWD website to understand their message and realized that I couldn’t say it better myself, so here it is…   Imagine a gender-equal world. A world is free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A […]

Managing Stress Is Probably Our Greatest Challenge Today


The human stress response (fight or flight) kicks into action when we feel out of control, or a sense of danger (real or imagined). Over the past few months, we’ve watched the Corona Virus, COVID-19 spread around the world. Government measures have been put in place without our consent. People have lost their jobs, parents […]