This might sound like a dreadful thing for a Coach to advise but I will say it again “stop trying!”


Because trying alone doesn’t work!

Imagine if I dropped a pencil and then said I would try and pick it up. It doesn’t make sense, either I bend down, curl my fingers around it and remove it from the ground; or I don’t! The same applies to all desires in all areas of life.

I challenge you to remove the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary, because the mind interprets this word as an excuse and lets us off the hook. Let me show you by way of examples…

When you ask someone to come to your party and they reply “I’ll try to…” you know immediately that they have little intention of coming along and will probably not show up. By using the word ‘try’ there is nothing to drive them to commit and make the effort to come to your party.

Imagine a teenager telling you that she will ‘try’ and study. Immediately this paints a picture of a grumpy young woman with slumped shoulders and a heavy sigh, who will spend the next few hours looking at her mobile phone!

To get stuff done in life and enjoy growth and change you have to make your ‘yes’ a yes and your ‘no’ a no. This definite language tells the brain that you are making a commitment, this commitment creates certainty, which leads to confidence, this confidence empowers action and action gets results which equals success!

Commitment is the driving force behind your success and positive habits will keep you going when things get tough. One of our greatest pleasures in life is the feeling we get when we achieve something, when we overcome a physical challenge, or create something new.

Some of you may argue that we need to keep trying and failing to succeed. Yes, that’s true, if the trying is a form of physical activity. However, if ‘trying’ is just words then it’s not enough.

What I want you to take away from this blog is the message that every success starts by making a decision and long-lasting success comes from consistent daily action.



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