Do you think you are stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage?


Do you find yourself trying to achieve a goal, or get a new job, or curb overspending, only to be constantly disappointed when your efforts don’t bring you any closer to your dreams?  Then you might be part of a self-sabotage cycle.


Have you ever stopped and asked, “Why did I do that?” when a break from a work project turns into a binge-watching session that leaves you behind on deadlines or you keep reaching for the wine bottle and regretting it the next morning? Well, you may be caught in the self-sabotage cycle.


Have you ever noticed that you avoid getting close to people, or that you want to connect with someone so badly your insecurity scares them off? Hmm, you might be trapped in the self-sabotage cycle.


Simply defined, self-sabotage shows up as thoughts and/or behaviours that undermine our best interests and conscious intentions. Have you ever thought, I could never do that, and given up before you even try? That’s self-sabotage. Or do you act in ways that are counter to what’s good for you, such as binge drinking when you know how it will affect you?


It’s a phenomenon we easily identify in others, and yet so many of us invite the harmful, inhibiting, defeating effects of the self-sabotage cycle into our own lives without even realising it. Because self-sabotage generally works behind the scenes, we are often oblivious in the moment to what we’re doing and how we have gotten in our own way. Indeed, these self-defeating patterns tend to rear their ugly heads just when you are at your most stressed, feeling low, or stretched too thin.


Over time, self-sabotage zaps your motivation and drive. When you fail time and again to achieve your goals, but can’t identify why, you can become frustrated, defeated and just stop trying. If you believe you won’t get what you want, why bother making an effort? Slowly, you stop dreaming big. You settle for what you have even though you’re dissatisfied and remain in the dark about how you can truly change your life for the better.


Without a clear understanding of how the self-sabotage cycle works, you may find yourself exhibiting behaviours that don’t bring you closer to your goal and, in fact, push you further away from achieving your dreams. You might find yourself becoming resentful of others’ successes while feeling hopeless to enact positive change on your own. You may blame your misfortune on bad luck, lack of drive, or worse—some personality defect that keeps you from success and happiness. You may have even come right out and identified self-sabotage as an issue in your life but then shrugged it off, sighed in exasperation, and moved on. Perhaps part of you thinks you have no control over the problem.


If any of this sounds like you, I have great news: starting today, you can change course and transform your life. I can show you how to spot the problems that put you on the path to self-sabotage and teach you ways to transform your thinking and behaviour to reverse this negative cycle.


Many clients have come to me with a problem they can’t seem to wrap their heads around, only to discover that their core issue is self-sabotage. Once they see how they work against their own best interests and discover how to retrain the brain and keep moving toward what they really want their whole world improves. I can teach you how to stop self-sabotage in its tracks and make the lasting, positive change in your life that you’ve always wanted.


I have created a six-step program, using practical tools, scientific principles, and my own personal experience to help hundreds of women stop self-sabotage and ultimately transform their lives. Each step of the program contains techniques that you can use to identify self-sabotaging behaviours and self-defeating thoughts, intervene in the moment, and support long-term personal growth, reducing the likelihood of self-sabotage in the future.


If you are ready to be transformed by this program and empowered to make lasting, positive change in your life, no matter what you’re struggling with, help is here. Now it’s your turn, it’s up to you to take the first step, to reach out and ask for support and guidance by  booking in a time for a complimentary chat with me.


PS :  Watch this short video, to find out more about the self-sabotage cycle.

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