Kindness matters

Random Acts of Kindness

Why Random Acts of Kindness?

Most Australian states are back in lockdown. Schools are on holiday and fun, family trips have been cancelled. The winter weather is a bit dreary, and clients are telling me they feel stuck and frustrated with life.

So, what can we do to combat this?  Random Acts of Kindness!


Random Acts of Kindness are not difficult to create.

They are free.

Also contagious.

And a win:win for the giver and receiver.


Scientific research has proven time and again that being kind makes us feel better, and random acts of kindness connect us with others in a beautiful way and feeds our soul.

Here are ten simple ways you can make a positive difference:

  1. Give Someone a Genuine Compliment.

This will boost their mood when they least expect it.


  1. Reach Out to Someone You Haven’t Seen For A While.

They may be missing you.

They might be feeling lonely.


  1. Help Someone Without Them Asking.

Don’t we all love it when someone sees our need, and fills it without being asked or cajoled.


  1. Leave ‘Thank You’ Notes Around the House (Or Office).

We all love to feel appreciated. It doesn’t take much effort to thank someone for helping with chores, or for just being the wonderful individual that they are!


  1. Let A Manager Know When a Member of Staff Did a Great Job.

Maybe an assistant was extra helpful at the supermarket, or pleasant on the phone when you called.


  1. Leave a Positive Comment on Social Media.

I know how good it makes me feel when someone gives me a thumbs up or tells me that my posts have made them stop and think or cheered them up.


  1. Join A Neighbourhood Group (

Answer questions new neighbours have about local events.

Organise a street party (when allowed!)


  1. Find A Charity You Believe In.

Enjoy researching about the great work your organisation of choice does.

If you have the means, donate a little to help those less fortunate.


  1. Volunteer

Offering our services and feeling needed feeds the soul.

Being connected to community and helping to make a positive difference prevents loneliness.


  1. Ask If Someone Is Genuinely OK (and wait for their answer!)

When asking is someone is ok, listen attentively to show them that you genuinely care.


In his book, The War for Kindness  Jamil Zaki shares cutting-edge research, including experiments from his own lab, showing that empathy is not a fixed trait—something we’re born with or not—but rather a skill that can be learned and strengthened through repetition.


He also tells the stories of people who embody this new perspective, fighting for kindness in the most difficult of circumstances. This is a very uplifting read that may shift your mindset

If you are struggling at the moment and could do with some support, reach out and let me know, I’m here to help. Call, text or book a time on my calendar.  Every conversation is confidential.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from this article, please feel free to share it.






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