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No One Worries Their Way To Success!

The statement “no one worries their way to success” makes total sense. Most of us know when we are worried, stressed, or anxious, the brain shuts down, we lose confidence and struggle to focus, yet we choose to worry anyway.  We allow the unconscious mind to rule our life with negative thoughts. You may say, it’s not a choice, it just happens. But it is a choice, with awareness we can train the mind to be calm and focus on what will move us forward in life.


As a Mindset Coach, I have seen many clients create worrying stories about their lives. They repeat thoughts that disguise themselves as helpful and motivational but in reality, they are self-destructive, for example: “If I don’t take care of this then no one will.” “If I don’t achieve X then I’m worthless.” “I can’t get what I want because I’m too old, too unfit, too poor etc.…


I used to think like this, too. Internal anxiety pushed me to work harder and harder. With every goal I met, the pressure increased and I found myself in an endless cycle of having to work harder and never feeling I was enough.  I was failing because no one worries their way to success.


There is a marked difference between preparation and worry. Being prepared is so important and beneficial that it actually deletes worry.  As we approach Christmas, you may be worried about having enough time to buy gifts, or the large dinner you’ve offered to cook for everyone, or the trip you are taking with the family etc.… all these things can be sorted in advance and leave you feeling calm, in control and able to have fun. You may be worried about the behaviour of some relatives, there is little we can do about the actions of others, but you can prepare how you will respond if a negative situation erupts. No one worries their way to success. Preparation is key.


Worry is usually accompanied by uncomfortable physical sensations for example, tight shoulders, a stiff jaw, a headache, shallow breathing to name a few. You may notice that tasks feel urgent, your brain races, your throat gets dry and you struggle to gather your thoughts.


Insight into your body’s reactions and awareness of how you are feeling, is a great way to discern whether your thinking is helping or hindering your daily life and progress.

Success demands insight, clarity, motivation, focus, planning, action and honest self- reflection.


If you’d like to attract success and get rid of what is no longer serving you, I invite you to let me help you.  I am opening my Signature Coaching Program for 2024, get in quick if you’d like to start the New Year with renewed energy, focus and ongoing support.


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