It’s Mother’s Day in Australia on Sunday.

Mother’s Day offers us the opportunity to recognise, thank and show our appreciation and affection to our mums, mothers-in-law, grandmothers and other females who have had a positive impact on our life.  Every woman loves being spoiled with gifts, surprises, hugs and the pleasure of celebrating with family and friends (and a day away from all the cooking and cleaning hopefully!)

However, for many women Mother’s Day can be painful because it highlights what is missing in their life. It can cause some mums who are struggling to compare themselves to others, who seem to have everything under control (which is usually not true anyway), and may leave them feeling more sad than on any other day of the year.

This Mother’s Day, let’s not forget all the mums who are on their own; the mothers who have lost a baby; the mum whose partner says, “why should I buy you anything, you’re not MY mother;” the mums who no longer have their own mother and the women who wish they were a mum.

If you know a mother in a tough situation, young or old, then why not look out for her this Mother’s Day.  Use this occasion as an opportunity to help a woman in need.  Here are a few things you could do to help her celebrate Mother’s Day.

  • Visit and give her your time and attention.
  • Invite her to join your family lunch on Mother’s Day.
  • Pick some wild flowers and leave them on her doorstep.
  • Let an older mother cuddle your baby while he is sleeping.
  • Donate and support mothers living in a local shelter. 
  • Offer to let her kids come to your house so she can have some ‘me’ time.
  • Surprise her with a thoughtful card that lets her know you are thinking of her.

And if you are a mother with a beautiful family, then I hope they spoil you. It’s your turn to receive, so soak up all the love and attention.

You deserve it!

Anne xo

PS : If you know of a mother who rarely puts herself first and would benefit from a coaching session focused on her dreams, then please pass on my details 🙂 Or surprise her and book an appointment here – I will email you a gift card to give to her.


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… because everyone deserves a coach!

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