Ash Barty wins Wimbledon Ladies Competition 2021 and we are all thrilled for her!

Ash Barty has given all Australians something to celebrate.  We feel proud. Her Wimbledon win unites us.  She has thrilled the nation and inspired the next generation.  The tennis star is a great role model for all women.

Have you noticed that everyone is now asking, “Who is Ash Barty’s coach?”

Why has this become such a popular question? Because people want to know who helped her achieve this win. Who pushed her beyond what she believed was possible and stood by her through the highs and lows and helped her devise a winning strategy?

Coaches spend years studying and learning about human behaviour.  They delve into the important connection between the mind and body.  And  make it a priority to understand the power of verbal and physical language. We use all this knowledge to empower others to succeed, to find their purpose, to get on the right path, to enjoy life, to win and to celebrate. Just as Craig Tyzzer did for Ash Barty.

I believe everyone deserves a coach to support them because we all have blind spots that hold us back. We have fears and doubts that can negatively consume us, unless someone helps us shift them. Your coach has always got your back and is trained to see the potential in you that others miss.  As a coach I have a toolbox full of techniques to help you take control of your own mindset; to remain calm under pressure; to play to your strengths; to make your dream a reality and to enjoy the journey.

Now it’s your turn.

What would you like to achieve in your life and work?

Who do you admire and why?

Are you trying to do everything on your own?

Are you ready to commit to achieving your goal once and for all?

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed and need a coach to help you plan a way forward?


Let’s have a chat – book a no-obligation call with me this week. 

I’ve helped numerous women achieve their goal and I can help you too.  It’s time to stop doubting yourself 🙂


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