Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

What does mind body connection mean?

When you hear the words ‘Physical Health’ what do you immediately think of?  Most people reply with words like ‘fitness & wellbeing.’
When you hear the words ‘Mental Health’ what do you immediately think of?  Most people say things like ‘anxiety & depression.’

I find this so interesting because in both cases we are talking about HEALTH!  Yet one has positive language attached to it and the other has negative language associated with it.

Human beings have struggled for centuries to understand the mind and its issues. Even today, we find this a difficult subject to deal with because we can’t see ‘mentality’ in a way that we can see ‘physicality’.

Neuroscience has taught us that the mind body connection is strong and powerful, especially when it comes to wellness. One definitely affects the other. The mind can convince us that we are too exhausted to dance, so we do nothing. Equally, the body can start dancing and show the mind that it wasn’t too tired. Click here to see how the mind body connection impacts your wellbeing.

For years now, I have been teaching the importance of mind body connection to help women deal with anxiety, lack of confidence, fear and other mental barriers that keep them from living life to the full.

The sooner you understand how powerful and influential the mind body connection is, the sooner you can use that to your advantage and change how you feel and behave. You will see that new, positive behaviour brings new, positive results.

Here are a few tips to help yourself and others:

  • If you saw someone in physical distress you would probably run to their aid, right? So, let me encourage you to do the same for someone in mental distress, for example, they are anxious or worried. A little compassion can make a huge difference. And when we reach out to help others there is the added bonus of feeling useful and good about ourselves.
  • Recognise that everyone is different. Each person brings a different viewpoint and unique experiences to every situation, and let that be ok! This attitude will calm your mind and take you from a place of judgment to a place of openness.
  • It’s ok to admit that you are not mentally tough every day. We all have days when we cope with life better than other days. Honesty is the key to inner peace. It’s exhausting pretending that you have life ‘sorted’. I promise you no one has life totally sorted. Everyone is worried about something most of the time.
  • Avoid labelling yourself or others. Just be you. Don’t be afraid. Accept that everyone struggles from time to time depending on external circumstances and their internal self-talk.
  • Teach your children to be resilient and bounce back from adversity. The sooner they learn to deal with disappointment and be flexible in their thinking the longer they will enjoy a healthy mind.
  • Be mindful. Spend time in nature, make music, lose yourself in sport & activity, create new positive memories, imagine your ideal day and make it a reality.
  • Choose to do something every day that challenges your mind and helps you grow. Learn a language, read a book, plan a holiday, tell jokes.

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