Meaning of Love

What Is The Meaning Of Love For You?

We see the meaning of love being expressed every February, also known as the love month because 14th signals the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Saint Valentine, cupids, hearts, red roses, cards with loving prose, this is romantic love. It is exciting and beautiful, but there is so much more to love.

In the English language, we use the word love for so many things: our children, our favourite dress, chocolate, God.

The Greek language has six words for love to distinguish between the different depths of love:

Eros passionate love;

Philia love for a friend;

Ludus playful love;

Pragma longstanding love,

Agape love for everyone,

Philautia love of the self.

On Valentine’s day this year, please indulge me by responding to my two requests.

The first is to LOVE YOURSELF.
– Put Philautia into practise.

This doesn’t mean to be selfish and vain; it means to respect yourself and to take care of yourself. We often look for love outside ourselves, and this can lead to disappointment and even self-destruction.

Take a moment today and write down all the things you love about the person you are. Then note the things you can do for yourself on 14th February.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

go for a walk in the park enjoy the fresh air and space; buy yourself some flowers; listen to your favourite music; run a bath; have a massage; say no!

The second is to LOVE SOMEONE YOU DISLIKE this Valentine’s Day.
-Put Agape into practice.

Why? Because it’s good for you and it’s good for others, and thus it’s good for our world.

It’s easy to love people who love us and give gifts to people who give gifts to us and spend time with those who make time for us.

The real challenge of LOVE is to be kind to someone you dislike.

Be encouraged today to make a phone call, write an email, smile at a colleague you don’t get on with. Keep it simple.

YOU will benefit hugely from this act.

Giving is scientifically proven to be good for us. We feel good about ourselves and the world after we have experienced thoughtfulness and kindness. It boosts our physical and mental wellbeing. So if you can’t stand the thought of doing this for someone else, do it for yourself!

Let me know how you get on.

Are you struggling to love yourself?

Are you feeling challenged by someone you dislike?

Is this affecting your work?

Let me help you.

I can share some simple techniques to help you shift your state and learn to love yourself. PLUS get on with those you dislike so you can move forward IN LIFE with ease and inner peace. Book in a call and let me help you click here.



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