Life Coaching helps deal with adversity

A Life Coach Can Help You Deal with Adversity

If you’ve been struggling with life or work, a life coach can help you deal with this adversity.

You may be a bit hesitant, wondering if life coaching will work for you?

One answer is that you won’t know until you try and the other is to listen to those who have experienced life coaching and hear what they have to say.


“When you discover a good life coach, you sigh with relief knowing there is someone there for you. Someone who listens, understands and is keen to help you grow personally and professionally.”

“My life coach showed me how to overcome what was holding me back in life. I was so stuck, but she made it look so simple.”

“They help you when you face adverse situations and give you the guidance you need to help you pick up the pieces and get back on track.”

“A life coach will encourage you to be positive and teach techniques to retrain your brain to think positive thoughts. They help you focus on what is important.”

“Prepare for your life coach to challenge you and to be truthful. They can see things that you cannot. A good coach will highlight your negatives in such a way that you will come to positive conclusions yourself.”

“My biggest lesson was “make it a daily habit”. Whatever I was working on, I always remember my life coach saying “make it a daily habit.””

“Having a life coach helped shorten my growth curve and gave me the courage to try things I otherwise wouldn’t have.”

“One of the most difficult things in life is seeing yourself or your journey. A life coach who provides honest feedback gives you a valuable leap ahead.”


When you decide to use a life coach, chose a qualified one. Do your research, look at their website, read testimonials from previous clients, and articles they have written. Are they recognised within the industry?

A professional life coach will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, break away from bad habits and form new empowering ones.

Make sure you have freedom to choose how long you journey with your coach, anything from six weeks to one year is common.

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