Kindness is contagious

This is a time when acts of kindness hold a little extra power to change lives. Even our own. To not only survive but thrive during this time of isolation we must seek joy, hope and love amid the mess of everyday life. It’s important to be kind to yourself during this period of change and disruption.  Invest in yourself allow yourself time to rest and reflect.

Kindness costs nothing, it doesn’t make us anxious, nervous or worried.  It doesn’t take weeks to plan or execute.  It doesn’t need to involve shopping.  Kindness allows us to use our imagination, creativity and emotional intelligence.  Kindness rewards the giver and receiver.  Don’t believe me?  Try it!

Here are some suggestions.

Send a text asking how a neighbour is

Phone a friend you haven’t seen for months

Share a smile with a stranger

Lend a helping hand

Join a community group

Offer to be a listening ear

Support a local business by recommending them or liking their posts on social media


Small acts of kindness make a world of difference

You never know whose life you may change in the process but what’s for sure is that you will feel better about yourself and the current world situation.


Kindness is contagious.  Watch the ripple effect that flows when one person is thoughtful and reaches out.  Share your experiences with me.


Here’s a video I made for you, on the topic of self-compassion and kindness – enjoy!



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