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How To Make Your Christmas More Meaningful

If you would like to make your Christmas more meaningful then read on…

The Christmas madness kinda freaks me out. I don’t really like shopping and I’m not very good in crowds.  I get irritable trying to find a parking space. I struggle to make decisions over purchases, and I worry that the receiver won’t like the gift I’ve chosen for them. Crazy but true and I know I’m not alone!

Many women I speak to lament about the fact that Christmas has become a hectic time of spending that leads to stress, exhaustion and money worries – but I’m here to tell you that  it doesn’t have to be this way.

When I changed my focus and created a plan of meaningful Christmas traditions for myself and my family everything became easier. I felt calmer and was able to enjoy all the festivities without feeling burnt out.  Here are some of the things that really helped me:


Focus on giving a gift that helps someone achieve their goals, this shows that you really care about them and their future and it doesn’t have to involve money!

Give the gift of kind words this Christmas. Long after an event people remember how you made them feel, more than what you gave them.  Here are my suggestions :

You mean a lot to me;    I treasure our friendship;    I really appreciate you;   I want you to succeed;    How can I help?

If you find it difficult to say these words out loud then maybe write a card and add a message.


For years I struggled to receive.  When asked what I wanted for Christmas I’d  say “oh, I don’t need anything.” Or “Don’t worry about me.”   Not only did this make it very difficult for people to choose a gift for me, it also meant that I was a bit peeved when I didn’t have many gifts under the tree! (immature I know, but still true).

Allow others the opportunity to be generous and adopt an attitude of gratitude for every small gesture.

Receive gracefully, say thank you and think about the time and effort the person put into choosing this gift for you (even if ‘t’s not something you like or want!).  Reciprocity is a beautiful thing.


I am the youngest of a big Scottish family and as a child I remember our house was always full of people on Christmas day.  Now living in Australia with only my husband and 2 daughters, I like to invite neighbours and friends to join us for lunch, especially those who are on their own. It is a very relaxed affair and I love it.  We make more effort and it is much more fun when we have guests.

I love to introduce games, jokes and stories. For example I ask everyone to tell us about their favourite Christmas childhood memory.  There are always lots of stories about being dragged to church before being allowed to open gifts from Santa,

On the topic of church, why not take a moment to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas, and escape the craziness with some quiet time spent in prayer or meditation.

I love going to a local carol service, meeting people in the community, enjoying a sense of belonging and the uplifting music.


Everything we do in life involves choice. Give yourself the space and time needed to make fulfilling choices that lead to happiness and calm for you and your family this Christmas.  Taking control of your life and focusing on what really matters to you, and what is meaningful for you, not just at Christmas but all year long, is in itself an important choice.

If you’re not sure how to do that, or what you should be focusing on then let me help by giving you two gifts:

A free copy of my book “Take Back Control of Your Life Now”.  Click here to download your free copy.

A free coaching call to help you plan for 2020!   Click here to book and reserve your spot    

Please accept these gifts from my heart. I wish you and your family a really meaningful Christmas.

Anne x

PS : Remember to give yourself the gift of rest in between all your social engagements.  Switch off from work and allow yourself to recharge.

PPS :  I’m launching my new course Reignite Your Spark in January.  So if you are keen to take your life and/or business to the next level, let me know. You can email me at   I’d love to hear from you.

christmas doesn't have to be like this

Anne McKeown, is a highly regarded Master Coach who specialises in helping women shift the psychological barriers that prevent them from soaring to the heights they were born to reach.  She empowers women from all walks of life to find their inner strength and authentic self; to know they have a choice and to find their voice, as well as reignite the spark in their business and personal life, so they can enjoy more happiness and success every day.





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