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Discover the Differences Between Your Unconscious Mind and Your Conscious Mind

There are so many differences between your unconscious mind and your conscious mind that are important to know.

The mystics have practiced meditation for centuries to observe the mind and understand that we are more than just our body, thoughts, emotions, or behaviours.

This process has a purpose, meaning, and direction.

But unfortunately, these days, meditation has become so mainstream and diluted that it has led us to a culture of passivity and inaction. People tend to use, ‘the universe will guide me’ as an excuse to do nothing. Accepting their lot in life with increasing indifference and non-participation.

For real change to take place we need a two-pronged approach using both the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind in unison.


Change in our attitudes, beliefs, and values is not easy because most people approach the change consciously. Hypnotherapy, which I use with clients, facilitates that change by making the Unconscious Mind more amenable to suggestions.


The Unconscious Mind is the source of the intelligence of your body and Hypnotherapy allows you to tap into the power of the Unconscious Mind and change your life for the better.


The Unconscious Mind:

Runs the body – heartbeat, breathing, neural pathways

Stores memories

Makes associations

Maintains instincts

Is a highly moral being

Is the domain of emotion

Does not process negatives

Enjoys serving, needs clear orders

Works on the principle of least effort

Needs repetition for a new behaviour to be formed

May keep negative emotions repressed for protection


The Conscious Mind:

Is your decision-maker

Is your internal analyser

Objective, thinking mind

Can only hold one thought at a time

Identifies incoming information via senses

Observes and categorises what’s going on around you

Makes comparisons with your previously stored information

There are 4 levels of consciousness. In other words, the way we see and act in the world. Consider them as follows:

  • Things happen to me – negative language. Feel disempowered. Not in control
  • Things happen by me – taking responsibility. But this is hard work and often stressful.
  • Things happen through me – the flow of life, connect through others and life, tap into universal laws, co-creator of what happens around – embrace trust
  • Things happen as me – blend in with everything – not separate from the world or others, see self in other things and people, feel connected.


Where are you on these levels? How are you going to move on?

Let me help you discover the power of having your Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind work together in harmony towards the same goal.

It’s easier than you think.



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