Out With the Old and In With the New

New Year 2023

Every New Year offers us the opportunity to reflect on the past, to learn from it, make changes and grow. As we move forward, the saying, ‘out with the old and in with the new’ comes to mind. It’s a chance for us to have a fresh start. As you reflect on the past year, […]

New Year, New Mindset!

New Year, New Mindset.

Many people say to me, “I want this year to be different.”  And it can be. Not by wishful thinking but by truly seeking change, committing to change, and being willing to do whatever it takes, because nothing will change if you change nothing!   Do you have any idea what has held you back […]

The Main Reason New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work!

New Year's Resolution

Do you know the main reason New Year’s Resolutions don’t work? Many people set New Year’s Resolutions with great intent. During the first few weeks of January, I hear of lofty goals around health, wealth, career, and relationships. By the end of the month, these are followed by calls of disappointment, and I have to […]