It Starts With Yes!

The latest Optus Ad, part of its ongoing campaign entitled, it starts with yes, shows a working-class man, along with the song of that same name by fellow Glaswegian Jimmy Barnes. Watching this man’s powerful transformation from construction worker to violinist is something we all dream of.   Optus has a big marketing budget and […]

You Need a Vision Board

Vision Board

Why do I say to women you need a Vision Board? Because everything we want in life first starts as a thought and this thought creates a picture. From that picture, we can draw up a plan and take action to make the dreams we have for our life and work a reality.   Sounds […]

New Year, New Mindset!

New Year, New Mindset.

Many people say to me, “I want this year to be different.”  And it can be. Not by wishful thinking but by truly seeking change, committing to change, and being willing to do whatever it takes, because nothing will change if you change nothing!   Do you have any idea what has held you back […]

Money Mindset for Success

Money Mindset

What does money mindset for success mean? Most of us have fixed ideas about money that we absorbed from those around us when we were young.  What’s important now is to ask if this money mindset has helped or hindered your success in life and what are you going to do about it? I don’t […]

NLP for Success

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As a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) I teach women how to use the mind to control the body and how to use the body to control the mind. Techniques I use include: anchoring resourceful states, changing unsuccessful strategies, shifting values and integrating conflicting parts of the unconscious mind. Understanding the power of the mind, […]