Christmas: Giving, Gratitude & Grace

Christmas Gift with a Difference.

I want this Christmas to be more than a hectic splurge of spending that leads to stress, family conflict and disappointment, so I’m going to focus on just 3 things this Christmas: giving, gratitude and grace. Giving: I have great gift ideas if you are looking for something a bit different to give to people […]

The Joy of Giving

The joy of giving

There is so much joy in giving. Giving is good for our soul, it makes us feel connected, needed, and generous. All of which releases happy hormones that last longer than any joy we feel from receiving.  Many studies reveal the benefits of giving.   I don’t know about you, but I get a buzz […]

How to Stay Calm this Christmas

Calm Christmas

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, it can be difficult to stay calm during the Christmas period. Even though we work hard to create a Christmas free of stress and conflict, the pressure and tension can get the better of us.   This year has been challenging in more ways than we could have […]


Sometimes, amid all the busyness of Christmas, we can forget that it TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY ! I know I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the shopping, spending, and Christmas partying – and it’s only mid December! I don’t know about you, but I find myself griping more than usual at […]