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6 Tips to Control Your Mind and Achieve Your Dreams

We all suffer from anxious thoughts, worries about the future and fear of failure. I am always reading and researching the topic of mind over matter to help my clients and myself move on with ease in life.


Here are 6 tips that really spoke to me recently in my endeavour to help others control the mind and achieve their dreams.


  • Most of your fears are based on things that happened in the past.

It is important to learn from negative experiences but even more essential is to stop projecting them into your future.  Be aware of your fear but also question it.  Often there is actually nothing to be afraid of we scare ourselves with our thoughts.  Always ask yourself – is this situation (or impending situation) a real threat to my personal survival?  Usually it isn’t.


  • The more pleasure you feel whilst learning a new habit, the more likely the habit will stick.   The next time you are trying to replace a bad habit with a good one, listen to music you love at the same time.  Or fill your heart and mind with feelings of joy and success as you take each new step.  This, along with repetition is the key to maintaining good habits.


  • It is no longer recommended to journal about all that is bad and sad.   

It has been scientifically proven that the more you focus on any situation the deeper it is etched in your memory.  To help you move on and have a cheerier outlook it is advised to only write one short sentence about the ‘negative issue’ and then list lots of ways you can overcome it.  Or write it once and then tear the paper and throw it away, letting go of all your negative feelings at the same time.


  • The brain registers small goals just the same as big goals.

It has been proven that a person who writes down their small positive achievements for seven days will have increased self-esteem to the same level as if they had achieved larger goals.  Keep a daily achievement diary because any level of appreciation causes the brain to release dopamine and results in you feeling good about yourself and your work.


  • Seeing a list of negative words will make an anxious person feel worse.

The negative changes on the brain can be instantly seen on an MRI scanner.  And if we say negative words out loud the person’s reaction will be worse again.  If we frown when we say these negative words more stress chemicals will be released in our brain and the brain of anyone listening.  Negative words spoken with anger do even more damage because they disrupt the decision-making centers of the brain and increase our chances of acting irrationally.  So be aware of what you read, speak and hear.


  • Our brains are getting sharper and younger.

I’m pleased to hear this one! Apparently it is because we constantly strive to keep up with the demands of ever developing technology.  Previously, it was thought that computers made our brains lazy, causing us to think less for ourselves.  However, recent research in Austria (AIIS) shows that new complex gadgets are making the average mind work harder.  People are remembering more passwords, they are shopping, banking, accounting, connecting – all on electronic devices, which contribute to the ever-changing world of technology.


Which one resonates with you the most? Comment below and let me know.



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