The 3 Main Things Causing Stress In Your Life And How To Overcome Them with Anne McKewon

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The Power of Words: Positive and Negative

Positive and Negative

Do you know that the language you use every day has a huge impact on your mindset? Plus positive and negative words have different effects on the brain. Subconsciously our brains automatically respond to threats and negativity, more than positive influences. It is our minds way of protecting us and setting up a defence mechanism.  […]

Happy People Create Healthy Happy Communities

Happy People

Happy people can maintain happiness because they maintain an optimistic view of life. But, an epidemic of depression is blighting the lives of people more than ever before.  Lonely business owners, struggling middle-managers and clinically depressed teenagers are no longer a rarity.  As a nation, we are dissatisfied.   We have increased our spending power and broadened […]

What Successful Women Don’t Do!

Successful women

Many courageous and successful women have been highlighted as a part of celebrating International Women’s Day, Friday, 8th March.  So, I thought it apt to write about remarkable women and look at what makes them stand out. I will highlight some amazing women I know, who are achieving greatness in their world. As a coach, […]

Success Is An Inside Job

Inside Job

Success comes from within you, it’s an inside job.   In the 1970s, linguist John Grinder and mathematician Richard Bandler studied individuals who were excellent in their field. They wanted to find out what made them different from those who were merely competent. They discovered that their beliefs, mindset and strategies are what set them apart.  BELIEFS:  […]

Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women

There are so many organisations (including mine) that promote the slogan ‘Women Supporting Women’ which is admirable in principle. But do we support one another? As we approach International Women’s Day (Friday 8th March), I think it is essential to ask ourselves as individuals and groups “do I/we genuinely support other women around me/us?” Be […]